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This site contains collection of my scripts:

This javascript file that makes on-the-fly sorting of HTML table data very simple. It takes a few steps to add the script to your site - make a few minor changes to HTML code on your page, copy the script somewhere on your site and call the script from the HTML page. That's it. No knowledge of the javascript language is required. The script is licensed under GPL 3, so it's free. Updated July 11, 2012
This javascript file finds specifically tagged phrases in HTML page and converts them to links. All dynamically generated links are not visible by search engines. The script may be useful for sites or pages that include many links, such as directory sites, links sections of a site, etc. The script is licensed under GPL 3.
This javascript file displays a list of all tags associated with sections of HTML page. When a visitor clicks on any tag, the script either hides or displays sections that have selected tags associated with them. This is very useful for sites that have many items with different features displayed on a page, as it allows visitors to display only items with specific features, or hide all items with features that visitors don't need. The script is licensed under GPL 3.
This section explains how to perform certain tasks using perl programming language and includes samples of perl code. In many cases the section provides multiple variations of the same code and describes how code- or time-efficient the code is.
Online mortgage calculator with amortization schedule. One of the advantages of this calculator, and the reason why I wrote it, is that it can be used to compare amortization schedules of two different mortgages. Sometimes it's much easier to see what morthage is better when you see the amortization schedules side by side... The mortgage calculator uses plain CGI, i.e it does not require Javascript, Java or ActiveX.
Online loan calculator with amortization schedule. The calculator can be used to compare amortization schedules of two different loans. The calculator uses plain CGI, i.e. no Javascript, Java or ActiveX is required.
Online Games
Online game similar to "Color Lines" game. In this game your goal is to remove as many balls from the board as possible. During your turn you can move only one ball. If you align 5 or more balls in a row, the balls are removed from the board and you can move another ball. After each turn the computer randomely places 3 new balls on the board. When there's no available space on the board to place new balls the game is over. This game reqiures Javascript to be enabled in the browser. Updated: new board design.
Online tools
This page generates perl script that processes input data (some kind of text), filters out all unwanted lines and outputs only lines that match certain criteria. You can configure the script to read data from a file or standard input, optionally ignore blank lines or lines containing certain text or regular expression, match up to three text strings, and print matching lines or write them to a file. Beta version
This page can convert text to lower or upper case, strip extra spaces at the beginning and/or end of lines, compact multiple spaces into one space, and strip HTML code. More features will be coming soon. The page is hosted on different website (

More scripts will be coming. Many of my scripts were designed to be run locally on my home computer, they should be modified before they can display information as a web page. So, check back soon, more scripts will be posted!

(c) Copyright 2004 Gennadiy Shvets